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The American Problem

2 min readMay 28, 2022


There is a woman on television wearing a large gold crucifix in an advertisement for $60,000 trucks.

There is a pillow salesman with a painting of Jesus in the background as he contests the election results.

There is a published communication from a gun manufacturer, the maker of the very rifles that were used in this week’s massacre, with a child holding a military grade munition. The caption is Proverbs 22:6.

We are in peak absurdity here.

A deity that came to earth two thousand years ago to heal the sick and feed the poor is now being weaponized to advocate the sale of firearms.

Next, we’ll see Buddha trying to sell tofu at Panda Express with a shirt on promoting fighter jets from Lockheed Martin that protect our borders.

Maybe Osiris will show up to advertise a funeral home.

Not really.

That would be insane, right?

We have a mental health crisis. How can we make this profitable?

God bless America.

We are demanding that abortions be restricted, but we will continue to spend less on child welfare than any other developed nation in the world.

Insurance will stop covering birth control for women and continue to provide Viagra for men.

The governor of Texas (where this week’s mass shooting occurred) will step away from the NRA meeting in Houston today, but only because it’s politically advisable. No worries, Trump and Cruz will be there to represent our exceptionalism.

It’s Memorial Day weekend. You can find a great deal on a mattress.

It’s ok.

All of the victims back to Columbine are in our thoughts and prayers.




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